Stunning image of a Pallas’s cat captured in the snowy mountains of Tibet photographed by Vincent Munier. Pallas’s cat kittens captured on Snow leopard trust camera traps in the Zoolon Mountains, Mongolia. This Snow leopard trust image is one of few that has helped confirm the Pallas’s cat presence in Kyrgyzstan. Captive Pallas’s cats give zoo visitors a chance to engage with zoological collections across the world that currently support PICA. PICA meeting in Sweden, 2018 Kyrgyzstan field trip Project partners
Of the 41 cat species 34 are considered “small cats”, many of which are threatened and lacking in knowledge and conservation action – the Pallas’s cat is no exception. In order to improve our understanding of the species and at the same time enhance the global conservation efforts, the Pallas’s cat International Conservation Alliance (PICA) was established.


Currently our main focus is to advance conservation action for the Pallas’s cat and to build capacity through implementation of the Pallas’s Cat Conservation Strategy and by supporting the global network of the Pallas’s Cat Working Group.

Support the activities of the Pallas’s Cat Working Group and its members as a global alliance for the conservation of the Pallas’s cat


Initiate and support urgent conservation actions highlighted in the Pallas’s cat Conservation Strategy


Raise global awareness to help support conservation efforts for the Pallas’s cat and develop a funding mechanism for Pallas’s cat projects to support long-term sustainability


Work towards the inclusion of the Pallas’s cat Conservation Strategy in regional and national management plans


A major challenge for small cat conservation is establishing effective conservation strategies for species we know little about. Although field studies with Pallas’s cats have increased over recent years we are still in a position where we know very little about the species’ ecology, behaviour and in some areas even its true distribution. PICA has, for this reason, created four key areas of focus so that targeted action can take place over multiple fronts.

Capacity Building
Strategic Planning




Meet the Team
Emma Nygren
PICA Project Manager

Head of Conservation Programmes

David Barclay
PICA Coordinator

Ex-situ Conservation Manager

Dr Helen Senn
Dr Helen Senn
Head of Conservation and Science Programmes

PICA coordinator

Gustaf Samelius
PICA coordinator

Assistant Director of Science

Katarzyna Ruta
PICA coordinator

Conservation Project Officer