A crucial element to any conservation project is
education and awareness.

PICA is active on multiple fronts to ensure a wide and varied education and awareness campaign. Although the focus will be directed to range countries of the Pallas’s cat, PICA has developed standardised education materials, translated into multiple languages, that can be used across several range countries, as well as in zoological collections across the globe to the enhance the exposure of the species.

PICA is helping to raise awareness of Pallas’s cats with the communities that live alongside them through the creation of bespoke learning materials – and we want to share these with you.

In collaboration with Unite for Literacy and project partners the IUCN SSC Cat Specialist Group, PICA have also developed a children’s book “Manul – Little ghost cat” aimed at children from 0 – 8 years of age. This book has also been translated into several languages.


Join us annually on 23rd April to spread a word about the small cat with great attitude.

In addition to the education materials you can also download and colour in your own Pallas’s cat here.

To complement the education materials PICA is also taking advantage of its close links with Zoological collections to raise awareness and support through presentations, zoo interpretation and conservation related articles and press releases.