An important output from PICA is to enable further support and development
of field research and researchers across range countries.

Having a 360o approach from ex-situ to in-situ conservation is at the heart of PICA’s ethos. This is achieved by raising the awareness, exposure and status of the species within the Zoological community and converting this into financial donations for the species. Although these financial contributions individually are often not vast, they do, when combined with all others, offer a valuable resource that enables yearly support to several projects. This support can range from research equipment, financial support for field work, education materials or resources needed for positive engagement with personnel in Pallas’s cat areas.

Since 2016 PICA has financially supported projects across many of the Pallas’s cat range countries, including Nepal, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Bhutan and Pakistan. More recently we have also established a Small Grant Programme, which aims to supports projects across range countries that address the priority conservation needs of the Pallas’s cat, as identified in the Pallas’s cat Conservation Strategy. Launched in 2020, the programme has awarded funding to several projects, with current projects active in Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Bhutan, Turkmenistan, and Nepal. As part of these relationships PICA receives updates, data, images and videos from field projects which are shared once again through the Zoo community with staff, members and zoo visitors. It is this process of collaboration, support and sharing which enables the 360⁰ approach.

We also continue to work closely with the MWG (Manul Working Group)- for more information on the working group or ongoing projects please visit

Field projects