Connecting ex-situ and
in-situ conservation efforts

A key focus of PICA is to develop and strengthen conservation and research activities across range countries where Pallas’s cats live in the wild and where action is needed most.

However zoological institutions that exhibit Pallas’s cats and are part of international breeding programmes play a vital role in too. Activities such as those shown below allow PICA to firmly connect ex-situ and in-situ conservation efforts.

  • Education & awareness
  • Long term insurance policy of captive populations
  • Controlled research on behaviours and activity
  • Fundraising to support field projects
  • Raising the global profile
  • Capacity building to aid field research analysis
PICA is privileged to have key partners and supporters from several zoological collections from Europe, North America and Japan all of which help to make PICA what it is.

Main Partners

Key partners


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